Day Trading 2022 for beginners | the basic and how get start fast

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In this article, today I show you the most important part of day trading 2022. We will see in detail how we can use a basic system. If you want to know more about it, please visit and read our article.

Please be informed that the following information is not legal advice, and should not be relied upon as such. Investors should consult with independent financial advisors before making any investment decision. Nothing on this page is implied to be an advice. All investments are subject to risk, including the potential loss of the invested principal.

let’s get started! The most important part of day trading 2022 for begginers !!

What do we mean by the term ‘day trading’

To begin with, let us discuss what we mean by the term ‘day trading 2022 ‘. What does this actually mean?
Folks, when you say “day trading 2022 “, you are referring to short term trading patterns of quick turnaround in the market. For example, if you sell your stock in half an hour, you can buy it back at another price later in the same day trading for the next 30 minutes, but when you look at historical data, you will see that you Will buy it again. And so on until you buy it at the original price.

In other words, the concept of day trading has nothing to do with whether day trading is a sport or a business. This is just to get into the buying and selling mood, that way you get some idea of ​​how the market works.
This is very useful, especially as a beginner in the world of finance and investing, as I am just showing you. You don’t need to figure out technical analysis by yourself and all this fancy stuff too, you just need to find something to make money. This is what I have said above.

Before that let me explain one thing. When people talk about day trading they usually mean “day trading” as a name or something like that. But actually… no. No matter who calls it day trading, it is always a trader. Everyone starts with a basic system, a general rule, and the ability to opt out of it at any time when needed.
Just pick and start working, don’t think about the result, don’t care how much money you have on the line when there are so many things you don’t really care, try to get money. Even if you don’t manage to get over a little bit, that’s fine; It means you had a lot of fun going.

What to consider before starting day trading?

Friends, before starting day trading for beginners, you should always consider which type of system do you prefer?
A simple rule-based system –
A simple rule-based system (which takes longer to master) with easy to follow rules, perfect for beginners.
A complex rule system
A complex rules system with complex maths and algorithms suitable for advanced traders. A basic rules-based system with complex rules that require technical analysis is perfect for experienced traders.

Day Trading 2022
Day Trading 2022

Which tool do you prefer to use?

If you want to do day trading, which tool do you prefer to use? Is this a spreadsheet or does it need to be programmed manually? Don’t forget that you need to have knowledge of statistics and be clear about what you are going to do. As an exception, if you want to try your own system, you can also go for self-learning system or self-published software.

Day Trading recommend two books-

If I may recommend two books. One about day trading, and the other about learning how. By JB Schramm, known as the creator of both iCLub in particular and GuruFocus in general. Firstly, because of his knowledge in the fields of psychology and finance, he understands psychology very well.

His expertise in psychology is excellent and his book “Day Trading and Learning” is fantastic as well. The second book he suggested on learning and succeeding in day trading is called “The Intelligent Investor.” It will guide you step by step, and teach you everything it takes to become a successful trader, even if it is still difficult to understand and implement. In these areas, he explains everything in detail and explains anything at his level to reach success.

How to start your day trading?

How do you start your day trading 2022? Because there are so many different ways to go about so many new people in the world, sometimes, you get confused about where to start.
To help you out, here are five questions you should first answer, and then based on your own experience, decide which one is best for you.

1.What type of activity

What type of activity would you like to participate in – Stocks, Commodities, Options?

Do you want to exercise and play sports? do you like cooking? Maybe you want to improve your language skills? So the list goes on. You can make your choice and decide which one you want to participate in. Or maybe you’re just open to having a little fun and learning new things. There are hundreds of options. However it depends on your personality and your timing. The way to start is up to you only, it doesn’t have to be a fixed sequence, you can start from zero.

2. What is your goal

What is your goal and who is your target audience? Are you trying to increase the value of your company or are you looking for profit? Whatever your goal, you have to select the target audience to reach it. Then choose the tools that will help you. Remember that you are targeting a specific individual or group of people for your strategy.

What kind of trading volume are you ready for? Some traders prefer to stay low, others will take a higher percentage. Make sure you choose the highest number for their goals, and make sure you don’t exceed it. Your volume cannot exceed 5%. Therefore, you can choose not only in trading volume, but also in price.

3 What to do? Why?

Asking questions, not answering them, if you are a day trader it is easy to keep thinking in circles, you can feel lost at times. So sometimes it’s time to give up and stop doing something you don’t want to do (because you think it’s not good enough, but you didn’t do much more about it).

Also, you need to ask yourself whether you want to make profit or not, sometimes you have to start small and sometimes big, don’t judge it too quickly. Also, you need to be realistic with your expectations and accept any losses, you need to plan your future moves and understand that you may lose some money.

What would you change if you wanted to achieve your goal?

You can change your system, improve your strategy, add or remove rules or equipment, or add new features, but don’t overdo it. Most importantly, be patient, and understand the consequences, don’t make any promises, never over-promise, and avoid making promises that you can’t easily fulfill. Don’t get carried away too quickly as this is the wrong way.

4 How to write your strategy?

For day trading, There are many approaches to writing your strategy, some will be long, some will be short and some will be a combination of them all.

  • Do not skip any point.
  • You have to write each point.
  • No shortcuts and no extra tricks.
  • You have to fill in every space in your strategy.
  • Write down each action and the verbs to get each action, and keep it in a separate sheet.
  • Fill it in black and white. Each action in a separate bar on the left, and the corresponding action in red, which you fill with different colors. Try to fill the whole graph.
  • Include a circle and a square with a star to explain something. Keep it short and concise.
  • Every variable and everything is written in one line. Fill in the rest in gray and black, then write the verb, then a question. Break it into actions, fill it with different colors.
  • Think on the right side of the paper, not on the left.
  • Start with what to make and finish, but end with nothing.
  • Use graphs, charts and whatever is available on the Internet.
  • Fill in all the blanks to the left and right of your strategy, with the appropriate information you need, and finish with the conclusion.

5 How to make your strategy –

How to copy your strategy – how to edit, proofread?

You can read all kinds of books about strategic planning, but one of the most common approaches is to print a document and make copies for each item.

 For example, each action for your strategy, a few pages long or 10 pages and all that. These will be used for making notes. They won’t be formatted as proper documents, they can be done as you wish (e.g., just draw on paper), but they will be your tools.

This approach will tell us about our entire process and its structure. You can use a few copies to make sure you’re not missing important pieces, but not all of these documents will be needed. Sometimes, the structure of your document will depend on the situation. You can look for the solution that best suits your needs, but don’t get too attached to the idea, as each document is unique. Inform the author of the document how many copies are available and if they should be bought/sold, ask them to send copies.

How to change it?

You can change the format, make it a little more professional, or change the text, formatting, design, or some other aspect of a document. Also, if you have a different vision for your writing style, consider it. Change it until you are happy with your project.

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How much money should you spend?

How much should you budget for day trading? It will be determined on your budget. Your budget is the amount you need in line to meet your goal. You can get accurate estimates in advance, but you can also get current prices. Don’t guess! Check it out, for example, you can check e-gulags on Facebook and Twitter and get information about the latest products. Be confident while estimating what you are capable of paying. You need to get all the details.

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